3D Glasses

We Made Rolling Stone Hottest Live Photos of 2014!!!

So we played a show at one of our absolute favourite spots in New York City: Rockwood Musichall, last night as our last show in Manhattan for a few months.

Projection, Lights and Music we're flying high, and as it turns out ROLLING STONE was there to capture it!

Today we find out we made it in to the Hottest Live Photographs of 2014!!! Insane!!!!

We're thrilled and want to thank Rolling Stone, Rockwood Musichall and everyone who wore a pair of 3-D Glasses last night for our #4D Live Music Experience.

Follow the link to see the Photo:




Last New York Shows For A While!



This week is our last two shows before we bare off on a flight home to Australia for a little while.

Wednesday the 16th JULY - 8PM - Rockwood Musichall Stage 2 - 4D Live Music Experience

Saturday the 19th JULY - 8PM - The Rockshop, BROOKLYN, NYC

These are the last two shows before we head back to Australia!


// 3D Glasses will be provided at the door //


MERCURY LOUNGE - 4D Live Music Experience on June 23rd!!!

Whats coming next for us? We're playing at New York's iconic Mercury Lounge on Monday the 23rd of June. Its an early show, with a stage time set for 7pm.

We performed our 4D Live Music Experience at this great venue on April 1st, earlier this year and loved it. This time we're bringing the 3D Glasses with us again, to hand out to all of you who walk through the door.

goodbyemotel - 4D Live Music Experience - MERCURY LOUNGE - June 23rd 2014

goodbyemotel at MERCURY LOUNGE - Return from SXSW Show - April 1st 2014

After a long drive back from a great SXSW in Austin, Texas, we have returned to New York City sore but smiling.

To celebrate having had a great SXSW, We are having our return show at Mercury Lounge, in the Lower East Side, NYC on Tuesday April 1st.


// 3D Glasses will be provided at the door //


goodbyemotel - Mercury Lounge - 4D Live Music Experience - Tuesday 1st April 2014

goodbyemotel - Mercury Lounge - 4D Live Music Experience - Tuesday 1st April 2014

4D Live Music Experience - BOWERY ELECTRIC//25th JAN

Friends we are performing our 4D Live Music Experience at the Bowery Electric in New York City on the 25th of January. This will be the first time bringing this show back to the city since its US premiere in October 2012. 

We're excited to show you how we have developed this concept and to give you something to talk about. 

3D glasses will be provided at the door.


//4D Live Music Experience = Live Music + 3D Visual Projection//