4D Live Music Experience

Interview with MusicTimes.com, talking 'iF' and 4D

Recently we did an interview with MusicTimes.com, talking about 'IF' and the process of completing this album. We go in to detail about where the band name came from, our 4D Live Music Experience and how we got to where we are now.

"I think it's a lot about taking risks and following up on something, completing something, and really going through with the ideas in your heart and mind," Enström explained. This is something the band members themselves experienced when making the decision to pick up and move to the United States.

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We Made Rolling Stone Hottest Live Photos of 2014!!!

So we played a show at one of our absolute favourite spots in New York City: Rockwood Musichall, last night as our last show in Manhattan for a few months.

Projection, Lights and Music we're flying high, and as it turns out ROLLING STONE was there to capture it!

Today we find out we made it in to the Hottest Live Photographs of 2014!!! Insane!!!!

We're thrilled and want to thank Rolling Stone, Rockwood Musichall and everyone who wore a pair of 3-D Glasses last night for our #4D Live Music Experience.

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"goodbyemotel: Live in 4D" - An article by Devise magazine

A great write-up from DEVISE Magazine, about moving to America, performing our 4D Live show across the US, and finishing a new album with producer Kevin Killen, and mixer Ken Thomas.

We performed at the launch party for Devise Magazine at SXSW, and had a great time showcasing our 4D Live show for the crowd.



Whats Coming Up Next!? MOVE Festival, 4D at Rockwood Musichall & Wyclef Jean!

After a great show at the Mercury Lounge at the beginning of the month, we have been invited to play MOVE Festival in Albany, NY state. We'll be playing on Saturday night the 26th of April in Albany - 9PM. We'll be bringing our 4D Live Music Experience to MOVE and will a first in Albany.

Full Line-up and Venues here:


Following our trip to upstate New York, we're coming home to our beloved Rockwood Musichall on May 9th to perform our 4D Live Music Experience on Stage 2.

Full Details Here:


In other news Tom and Dave had a chat to Wyclef Jean about some of our new mixes as they are getting done in London right now. An honour and a pleasure to chat to this great man.

goodbyemotel at MERCURY LOUNGE - Return from SXSW Show - April 1st 2014

After a long drive back from a great SXSW in Austin, Texas, we have returned to New York City sore but smiling.

To celebrate having had a great SXSW, We are having our return show at Mercury Lounge, in the Lower East Side, NYC on Tuesday April 1st.


// 3D Glasses will be provided at the door //


goodbyemotel - Mercury Lounge - 4D Live Music Experience - Tuesday 1st April 2014

goodbyemotel - Mercury Lounge - 4D Live Music Experience - Tuesday 1st April 2014

HALFSTACK Magazine Review our SPIN/House of Vans 4D Show!

Halfstack Magazine is a music and arts publication out of Chicago, and we had the pleasure of speaking to them following our 4D Live Music Experience at the SPIN/House of Vans party at SXSW just a few weeks ago.

We want to thank them for this fantastic review of our 4D Live Music Experience and want to direct your attention to their site.


"Upon entering Mohawk, I was handed a pair of 3D glasses and rushed into the standing room venue; goodbyemotel had just begun their set. The song "Hurricane" was blaring from the speakers and a translucent screen draped over the front of the stage while the band played passionately behind. Synchronized 3D projections flashed across the screen, blanketing the audience in a field of shooting star-like images. It was an atmospheric and mind-bending affair that blew not only my sense of sound, but also of sight in an experience unlike any other I've had the pleasure of taking part in."

- Halfstack Magazine


Read the full article and review here:

"goodbyemotel On The Rise"



Thanks Austin, TX for an awesome SXSW 2014!!

goodbyemotel - House Of Vans - SXSW 2014

goodbyemotel - House Of Vans - SXSW 2014

Thank you Austin, Texas for an amazing SXSW. We had a blast playing our shows around the Austin inner city during this busy week of live music, art and sun! Thanks to everyone who picked up a pair of 3D Glasses and got to witness our 4D Live Music Experience at one of the venues during the week! Thanks to SPIN and House of Vans for having us.

Now off back to New York City, and next up is our return show at Mercury Lounge on April 1st.

Driving full speed.

FLATT Magazine 6th Book Launch "Robert De Niro" Issue with DJ Questlove and goodbyemotel in 4D!



Late last week, we got to take part of a great night with FLATT Magazine for the launch of their 6th Book the "De Niro" Isssue. It was a great night, with DJ Questlove, DJ Elle Dee and we performed our 4D Live Music Experience for the guests.

It was a big day of setting up in the beautiful the National Arts Club in New York City.

We brought out lights, 3D projections and lots of music, and had a great time getting to meet some of the guests and seeing beautiful art work made by Fabrizio Arrieta.

Photos and Write-ups from the party:





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Rochester Tour - BUSY DAY - TV, Radio and a 4D Show

We travelled to Rochester in upstate NY over the weekend of January 31st to perform in an old cinema known as The Little Theatre. The day was a busy one, with an early wake-up followed by a ride to the "Little" to perform acoustically live on FOX News Rochester.

Watch the Performance here:



Following us waking-up live on Rochester TV, we drove to WRUR Rochester Radio and performed an acoustic set to be heard on the air waves around the city. All the while rushing around Rochester, we would return to the Little Theatre to prepare for our 4D Live Music Experience that night.

In the afternoon, we jumped in the van, and drove across to the Record Archive where we were greeted warmly and we took the stage to do an in-store performance. Thanks for the good talks for those who we meet there!

Finally we got to the Little Theatre and premiered our 4D Live Music Experience that night to the city of Rochester. Our own Paul Amorese grew-up in the city, and was welcomed home in a big way.  A show like we have never done before. 

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4D Live Music Experience - BOWERY ELECTRIC//25th JAN

Friends we are performing our 4D Live Music Experience at the Bowery Electric in New York City on the 25th of January. This will be the first time bringing this show back to the city since its US premiere in October 2012. 

We're excited to show you how we have developed this concept and to give you something to talk about. 

3D glasses will be provided at the door.


//4D Live Music Experience = Live Music + 3D Visual Projection//