Thank You Rochester// 1 More Show For the Year

What a blast it was Rochester. Thank you for a great thanksgiving celebration and for an awesome night at Flour City Station on Saturday. Amanda Lee Peers thank you for opening.

Now, we only have one more show left for the year, and that is our Album Release Party!

We will be hosting the album release party at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 on the 12th of December, and we go on at 10.30PM.

Finally we have physical albums available and we will have them at the release party.

Party on Wayne, Party on Garth.

Rochester, NY show this Saturday - Flour City Station!

Happy thanksgiving everyone, we're in Rochester enjoying whats left-over after a big celebratory dining experience! Tomorrow night we play Flour City Station in downtown Rochester, NY.

Amanda Lee Peers will be joining us on the bill, and we then take the stage at 10.00PM!

Rochester, NY - FLOUR CITY STATION, w/Amanda Lee Peers


Rochester Tour - BUSY DAY - TV, Radio and a 4D Show

We travelled to Rochester in upstate NY over the weekend of January 31st to perform in an old cinema known as The Little Theatre. The day was a busy one, with an early wake-up followed by a ride to the "Little" to perform acoustically live on FOX News Rochester.

Watch the Performance here:

Following us waking-up live on Rochester TV, we drove to WRUR Rochester Radio and performed an acoustic set to be heard on the air waves around the city. All the while rushing around Rochester, we would return to the Little Theatre to prepare for our 4D Live Music Experience that night.

In the afternoon, we jumped in the van, and drove across to the Record Archive where we were greeted warmly and we took the stage to do an in-store performance. Thanks for the good talks for those who we meet there!

Finally we got to the Little Theatre and premiered our 4D Live Music Experience that night to the city of Rochester. Our own Paul Amorese grew-up in the city, and was welcomed home in a big way.  A show like we have never done before. 

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