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HALFSTACK Magazine Review our SPIN/House of Vans 4D Show!

Halfstack Magazine is a music and arts publication out of Chicago, and we had the pleasure of speaking to them following our 4D Live Music Experience at the SPIN/House of Vans party at SXSW just a few weeks ago.

We want to thank them for this fantastic review of our 4D Live Music Experience and want to direct your attention to their site.


"Upon entering Mohawk, I was handed a pair of 3D glasses and rushed into the standing room venue; goodbyemotel had just begun their set. The song "Hurricane" was blaring from the speakers and a translucent screen draped over the front of the stage while the band played passionately behind. Synchronized 3D projections flashed across the screen, blanketing the audience in a field of shooting star-like images. It was an atmospheric and mind-bending affair that blew not only my sense of sound, but also of sight in an experience unlike any other I've had the pleasure of taking part in."

- Halfstack Magazine


Read the full article and review here:

"goodbyemotel On The Rise"